Get language and cultural training to your team to become fluent in any language

Build better, stronger relationships with clients

Academia School helps companies to improve their customer service and internal communication through making language learning easy and fun

.With 1-on-1 online lessons via Skype from native teachers, you and your team can develop the language skills it takes to thrive in the global marketplace, whenever and wherever you want.

We provide different courses, highly flexible solutions and even 100% individual support 24/7, if desired.

Academia School offers a language learning solution for businesses combining educational methodologies across vocabulary, grammar, and conversational skills training, and connects your employees directly with native speakers tutors.

Our language courses can be tailored to your company’s needs and deliver measurable results for all language levels in 16 different languages.

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    Why Academia School ?

    Online lessons mean you can learn at home or in the office, during working hours or on the weekend. Anytime, anywhere.

    Our teachers in all languages ensure around the clock availability for the lesson to meet your team’s needs.

    Our low fees and competitive marketplace ensure you’ll have a good course for your team at the right price.
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