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The language with global reach. The language of Shakespeare, the Kipling and D. H. Lawrence. The language of international trade, business, and financial transactions. The language of cinema, pop music, science, and technology.

Are you searching how to learn English? What are some of the reasons that you would wish to learn English online? Perhaps you are tired of learning from boring and dull textbooks that are difficult to understand. Audio lessons can be confusing and unfortunately, computer software may not always be correct. If you have a busy schedule, you may simply not have the time to go to an evening or weekend class. So, it becomes clear that learning English with the help of Academia School is one of the best choices possible.

The online group at Academia School provides you with a number of tools besides virtual classes alone. Not only are there thousands of interactive exercises, texts, and videos, but a large online library will provide you with access to all of the most important writing and grammar lessons.

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Course Curriculum

Placement test A2 00:00:00
Placement test 00:00:00
Straightforward Quick Placement & Diagnostic test 00:00:00
Straightforward Pre-intermediate and Intermediate Placement test 00:00:00
  • 150320
  • 10 hours
  • 150 SEATS

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    How does the Academia school differ from other schools?

    • Professional teachers.
    • Native speakers.
    • All our teachers are fluent in other languages besides their own.
    • Individual study plans.
    • Free 60-minute sample lesson.
    • A wide range of courses.
    • The option to create an individual program.
    • The option to combine various courses.
    • We offer group lessons.

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