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What are some of the reasons that you would wish to learn Cypriot online? How to learn Cypriot? Perhaps you are tired of learning from boring and dull textbooks that are difficult to understand. Audio lessons can be confusing and unfortunately, computer software may not always be correct. If you have a busy schedule, you may simply not have the time to go to an evening or weekend class. So, it becomes clear that learning Cypriot with the help of Academia School is one of the best choices possible.

The online group at Academia School provides you with a number of tools besides virtual Cypriot classes alone. Not only are there thousands of interactive exercises, texts and videos, but a large online library will provide you with access to all of the most important writing and grammar lessons.

When a student requests a course we inform you about the total amount(lesson cost and teacher fee) but you only pay the lesson cost the teacher fee shows as a discount on your order, for your information only you pay the teacher separately.


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  • 150.00320.00
  • 10 hours
  • 1000 PLÄTZE

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    Wir lieben unsere Lehrer und hoffen Sie auch! Wenn Sie irgendwelche Schwierigkeiten haben, versprechen wir, diese so schnell wie möglich zu beheben.

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    •Professionelle Lehrer.
    • Muttersprachler.
    • Alle unsere Lehrer sprechen neben ihren eigenen Sprachen fließend andere Sprachen.
    • Individuelle Studienpläne.
    • Kostenlose 60-minütige Probestunde.
    • Eine breite Palette von Kursen.
    • Die Möglichkeit, ein individuelles Programm zu erstellen.
    • Die Möglichkeit, verschiedene Kurse zu kombinieren.
    • Wir bieten Gruppenunterricht an.

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