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I am currently in my tenth year working as a Tutor and I love it! Academia introduced me to a perfect collaboration.

I feel very fortunate to be spending my days teaching such enthusiastic and fun young people, and am thankful every day that I love my job. My favorite moments are those that are normally not planned; the quizzes, the reading aloud stories and wonder of discovering something new.


When I’m not at school I am Mummy to my 2 young children. My daughter was born a week early on the last day of the autumn term in 2012. Luckily I had already started my maternity leave, otherwise, that would have been a dramatic last day!  My son arrived In January 2015. They keep me busy and I love to take them swimming, to the park and playing at home.


Academia School is a happy place to be and I am extremely proud to be part of the team.


German Tutor

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