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Who We Are

Academia School is an online school of foreign languages with professional, experienced teachers. We believe that modern technology plays an important role in the study of foreign languages and in cultural exchange. Our lessons stand out by their high standard, and by our competitive rates.

The course programs developed by our teachers have been put together using methods that are frequently tested in various schools and institutes. Online study with professional teachers via Skype or other online platforms in no way compromises the quality of traditional courses, and at the same time allows you to study without leaving the house or spending time traveling to a lesson, and allows you to set your own schedule.

What We Do

Teaching Methods in Academia online language School

Teaching methods include lecturing, facilitating discussions, inviting in guest lecturers, guiding group activities, and organizing many different types of active learning exercises both in and out of the classroom. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to select methods that support your plans for the course and that help student be able to do the assessments.When planning to present a new language item, our teachers are sure of the following points:

  • How the language item is made – what the grammatical structure of the form is, how it is pronounced and written, how negatives and questions are formed if appropriate.
  • Concept – what the form actually means.
  • Context – when the form is actually used.

Once those points are clear for the planner, a way has to be thought of to pass on that knowledge to students. Only telling a class what something means and how it is used, is not usually a good way for the students to learn. Thankfully, there is a wide range of interesting activities, techniques, and materials for presenting a new language. Most involve exposing the students to the language through written texts and dialogues.

In our 60-minute private classes, students are able to learn intensively with a private teacher over Skype. Focusing on each student’s individual level, interests, and goals, private classes are the most effective way to achieve impressive learning results in a shorter period of time. Your teacher will prepare a class based on your personal needs and during the class, you will receive direct explanations, corrections, and feedbacks in order to instantly improve your language skills. This way you will get the most out of your time in class. We offer our students to choose between 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes long sessions. Since the lessons are one-to-one, you can also decide when and how often to meet up for class.

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